Vocational Trainings – Orientation Programme

With the fund assistance of Caritas Italiana and under the administration of EHED Caritas a vocational training has been inaugurated at Nilaveli Vocational Training Centre on 15th July 2020. This vocational training was arranged for the youth of Nilaveli and the adjoining villages. Three trades identified for the trainees on the following;

  • Sewing for girls
  • Cookery for both girls and boys
  • English classes for both girls and boys.

These subjects were chosen specially Nilaveli is considered a Tourist Centre and any course we start would support to the youth of this area because they could find hotel employment if they really master in a subject. Especially the English we teach to the youth would be much helpful to find an employment in the hotel trade.

In the inaugural function Rev.Fr. Director, the Programme Manager, Finance Assistant and the Theepam Manager were participated. Rev. Fr. Director in his address advised the trainees to learn the trade properly without taking much leaves during the time of training and enrich their life by finding a suitable job may be in the hotel trade or elsewhere. 

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