Healing & Reconciliation

Objective 1: To mobilize and form village-level 02 vigilant committees to support the early identification of barriers for social cohesion, reconciliation and ethnic/religious harmony.
Objective 2: To organize Regional-level Peace Forums (comprising of one or more Districts) to discuss and resolve problems identified by the Vigilant Committees.
Objective 3: To build networking relations with other CSOs involved in peace building and religious amity to find joint solutions that can be resolved at the regional-level.
Objective 4: To bring regional-level issues and challenges to the attention of relevant national-level ministries, university faculties (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences), religious leaders and CSOs for advocacy and to compliment Government’s initiative to establish a “Just Sri Lankan Society”.



Media Programme

The one day session for Media personnel was conducted on 2020.07.18 at EHED Caritas, Trincomalee. Rev.Fr.Alen and Dr.Munaz conducted the …

Distribution of Hand Wash Station

Under the Healing and Reconciliation project we have distributed hand wash equipment to the worship places such as Our Lady …

Activities planned for the upcoming months

Activities planned for the upcoming months School Programme Government officers and Civil Society Programme involving Police Exposure Visits – Distribution …